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Keep 'Em Wild.....with the Wild Steelhead Coalition

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Alyssa Halls with a native, wild steelhead. Photo by Nate McDonough

When we launched Rods, Reels & Heels, we had a organizational goal that we'd be much more than "just another shirt company" and we would do this by offering classes, outings, education, and partnerships. As we expand our business we are happy to launch new programs and partnerships with conservationists, businesses, and of course, anglers. 

We are thrilled to be able to partner with the Wild Steelhead Coalition.....and we will now donate 1% of every and any item  in our "Keep 'Em Wild" collection. 

All anglers appreciate the wild and true nature of a non-hatchery fish. A native, wild steelhead is most certainly at the top of the "fish-list" for most folks. 

Unfortunately, over time, the numbers for naturally reproducing steelhead has declined and many anglers, have found this concerning and set forth to find a way to help. A lot of effort has gone into restoring damaged habitat, increasing steelhead runs, hatchery management and overhaul on educating the angler world and beyond, on the importance of the steelhead. The WSC is a great foundation working to reverse the factors that have negatively impacted wild steelhead and as anglers, we too should be involved.

We hope you are as excited about this new partnership as we are!  

Check out Wild Steelhead Coalition for more information on their efforts and don't forget to shop  at Rods, Reels & Heels to help us out!

Buy cool things, do cool things!

Thank you,

Brenna Burgos


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